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Integration with Ranorex Studio

Learn how to move from improved scenario generation in DesignWise to optimized automation in Ranorex.

Exporting as CSV and assigning as data source

Whether you are already doing data-driven testing or considering the switch to it, DesignWise can address the pain points of generating data tables manually or randomly – both from efficiency and thoroughness perspectives. Then the primary connection point between the test design and automation is this export option:

Once the CSV is generated, you can proceed with following the steps outlined in this part of the Ranorex User Guide

Note: the CSV option on the Export page generates separate files for all model elements (Parameters, Rules, etc.), which may be excessive for the purposes of immediate transition between DesignWise and Ranorex.

Using Gherkin Feature files and the SpecFlow process

If you are using BDD, then the preferred integration path could be exporting the .feature file from DesignWise:

Once you get the files, you can follow the steps outlined in this Ranorex article

Exporting manual scripts and integrating with Ranorex via test management tools

If neither of the options above suits you currently, you probably have an established process between Ranorex and the test management solution like TestRail or Xray or prefer to perform the initial execution manually with the automation conversion down the line.

In that case, the generic Excel or the specialized test management options from the DesignWise Export screen will be your choice.

The export dialog can be adjusted by admins to include all the necessary meta data fields. The generated files should then be directly importable into, e.g., TestRail or Xray. From there, the connection with Ranorex is managed the same way you do it today (the following resources could provide additional details – TestRail integrationJira integration).



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