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Quick Overview of Outputs from DesignWise (Excel, CSV, Gherkin Feature Files, Mind Maps)

Learn how DesignWise can integrate with tools responsible for other stages of the SDLC.

If you’re wondering what outputs from DesignWise look like, you’ve come to the right place.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve got… well, several thousand words-worth of descriptions for you.

Mind Map

They are a great way to quickly and clearly communicate a lot of information to stakeholders about what kinds of testing ideas you’ve thought to include already.

Show a mind map like this to your boss for their feedback and they’ll undoubtedly think that you are just the kind of innovative, take-charge thinker that deserves an immediate raise, a promotion, and bottle of champagne in recognition of your all-around awesomeness (caution: this may or may not happen).

Note: the above mind map is displayed in MindNode (which is capable of displaying OPML file formats). If you do not have access to a mind mapping tool that handles OPML, you can choose to export mind maps into image files.

Micro Focus ALM / Quality Center

This option generates an Excel file with fields customized to your firm’s version of ALM. It can then be directly imported into the test management tool.

Excel (Table of Contents)

Excel (“Test Cases” tab)

Excel (“Auto-scripts” tab)

Gherkin (from “Automate” screen, in Scenario Outline format)

Gherkin (from “Automate” screen, in Scenario format)



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