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Mistake to Avoid: Thinking “DesignWise won’t help on my project, will it? My project is different.”

DesignWise is broadly applicable to a huge variety of different testing projects. Even so, many new DesignWise users may struggle at first to understand how it can help on their specific projects. If you can’t see how DesignWise will help in your situation, this lesson is for you.

George Box – “you’ll see three phases when you introduce DesignWise to people: First, ‘it won’t work.’ Second, ‘it won’t work HERE.’ Third, ‘I thought of it first’ (e.g., ‘Of course this works. Maximizing variation and coverage in as few tests as possible. I can’t ever remember thinking otherwise.’)”

George Box worked with business managers for decades, introducing them to more efficient and effective methods of conducting experiments. He’s been extremely influential in advancing the methodology in the field, and in encouraging adoption of Design of Experiments-based methods. When he talks about how many people react to hearing that they can learn more information in fewer tests than they previously thought possible, he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

If you’re working on a testing project and coming to the conclusion that DesignWise won’t be able to help, chances are you’ve inadvertently found yourself in the second phase that Box was referring to. If you stick with it, you’ll find yourself in phase three.

One reason that testers sometimes falsely conclude that DesignWise would be unable to help them is that the test designers involved are not even able to get start selecting their first few meaningful variables and entering them into DesignWise. Other articles in this section and the Test Design principles will hopefully address such concerns.

Gandhi is often credited with a similar quote: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

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Are you achieving excellent results with DesignWise yourself but getting ignored by your colleagues? Or worse, your colleagues are laughing at you, and they are under the misguided impression that test design optimization strategies such as using DesignWise, orthogonal array testing (OATS), pairwise testing, all pairs testing, and similar applied statistics-based testing strategies would not help them?

Other articles in this section dive deeper into the benefits of our tool and the methodology behind it.



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