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The “Revisions” Feature

Inside DesignWise, the Revisions option allows you to easily revert to a previous version of that test model. We provide a list of each revision and the date so all you have to do is click a button to revert to that version. We also give you the option to copy that version (in case you want to view that model, but also want to keep all the updates you have made since then) and create a new asset based on it.

When you are editing, you will see a Revisions link under the sub-menu of the model name dropdown (see the image below):

Note, revisions are only available in editable test models. In the example in this post, we are using the copy of the sample model “F) Flight Reservations” which you can view in your own account.

One of the notes in this sample model says we should also test for whether Java is enabled or not. So we added a new parameter for Java and included “enabled” and “not enabled” as values.

At a later date, if we wanted to go to a previous version, all we have to do is click the revisions link and then we get a list of all revisions and versions of the model:

For each revision we are given three options:

  1. Revert

  2. Make a copy

  3. Download

A version of a model can be searched for by Label, User, and Update Details (e.g., typing “Java” in the search field would return “Revision 2”).

The most important takeaway from this article is: if you or someone else with access to the model makes edits that make things worse, it can be useful to revert to an earlier version or make a copy of it.

With the Revisions feature, DesignWise allows you to have complete version control of your test model.



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