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How Do I Export From DesignWise?

Learn how to export your models in various file formats.

Go to the “Export” page

It is located at the bottom of the left navigation menu.

Select the Desired Export Format

Select the desired export format from the options provided. You can email or download the file.

Mind Maps

A mind map export will look something like this:

Mind Maps are exported into OPML, SVG, and PNG formats. To open these Mind Maps, you may need access to a Mind Mapping tool that reads OPML files. A list of such tools can be found on the FAQ page. If you do not have access to any of those tools, the other two options can be used or reach out to us for conversion support.


If you have used the Auto-scripting feature, your exports to Excel and exports to Micro Focus ALM / QC will look similar to the spreadsheet below. Notice the six test steps per test script, complete with detailed tester instructions (as well as auto-generated “Test Descriptions” and auto-generated Expected Results).

Exporting into test management tools – Xray, Micro Focus ALM / QC, etc.

Models include the ability to export sets of detailed test scripts from DesignWise.

Exporting for Automation

With DesignWise Automate you can now create Gherkin-style “Given-When-Then” scripts for your tests. Once written, the Gherkin script and your tests can be exported into a variety of formats. The simplest of these is the “Automate Gherkin Scripts” option which exports your Gherkin script and test scenarios into a standard Feature file (.feature).

You can also generate the skeleton code for your automated tests in a variety of different automation frameworks/programming languages with the “Automated Test Framework” export option.

Upon selecting this option you will see a list of potential frameworks/languages to select from. Choose the option that most closely matches your needs and click “Download”.

Each export will contain your scenarios in the specified automation framework and the “skeleton code” necessary for automating these scenarios (a template in the chosen framework with placeholders for Automation Engineers to define the step definitions and action/key words specific to their system). This export option streamlines the effort required to turn scenarios into executable automated tests by generating as much of the automation code as possible.



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