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iOS mobile web test example

In this chapter, we’ll cover the initial steps of a mobile web test. After these initial steps, test creation follows the same principles as in the ⇢ iOS app test example and ⇢ general web test creation.

In this chapter


To create a mobile web test, make the following preparations:

Device settings

  • Apply the required ⇢ device settings to your iOS device and install the Ranorex Service App.

Connect mobile device

Install the Ranorex Web Browser app for iOS

Create a solution for mobile testing

  1. ⇢ Create a new solution for mobile testing using the RocketStart wizard.

  2. Open the Endpoints pad.

  3. Open the recording module Recording1.rxrec.

Ranorex Studio should now look as follows:

  1. Empty action table in the recording module

  2. Empty repository

  3. Your device in the Endpoints pad

  4. Ranorex Service App running on the mobile device, showing the preinstrumented web browser app.

Create the test

  1. Click RECORD.

  2. The dialog for selecting the mobile device and instrumented app appears.

  1. Select your iOS device, select the app (Ranorex Web Browser), specify the URL, and click Create.


Ranorex Studio now executes the following processes to set up mobile test building:

In Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio starts the selected app on your mobile device and adds the respective actions in the action table.

  1. The RUN button changes to reflect that it now runs the test on the current automation root, i.e. the active endpoint/mobile devices, not the computer.

  2. An action that starts the app on the mobile device has been added to the action table.

  3. An action that navigates to the specified URL in the web browser app has also been added.

On the mobile device

Ranorex Studio starts the preinstrumented web browser and navigates to the specified URL on the mobile device.

Ranorex Spy

Ranorex Spy starts in live tracking mode for all UI elements of the instrumented mobile app.

  1. Element browser in Spy showing all the UI elements of the instrumented app.

  2. Live view of the instrumented app on the mobile device.

Build the test

From here on out, test building follows the same principles as in the ⇢ iOS app test example and ⇢ general web test creation.



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