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In the this chapter, you’ll learn how to test apps and websites on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. You’ll learn how to connect devices to Ranorex Studio, instrument apps, and create and run automated mobile tests.

In this chapter

System requirements

Supported devices

Ranorex Studio supports Android and iOS mobile devices.


Mobile testing requires that you connect your device to the computer that Ranorex Studio is installed on. You can do so by USB (recommended) or WiFi.

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Ranorex iOS implementation requires that ports 31000 TCP and 31000 UDP must be open on your computer.

Additionally, Ranorex Android requires other ports above 31000 TCP; therefore, enable ports up to 31020.

On some Android devices, such as Huawei, ports 31000 – 31900 are already used. However, the RxService application chooses the next available ports, which are detailed in a message after the RxServices installation. Make sure to open these ports on your computer and correctly configured the Endpoints in Ranorex Studio for Discovery and Device port fields.

Use the correct automation libraries for mobile testing

Test automation of Android/iOS apps is based on the Ranorex automation libraries for mobile testing. To ensure automation works smoothly, always use the automation libraries that correspond to your currently installed version of Ranorex Studio. Otherwise, you will receive technology limitation warnings or even errors.

You can download the automation libraries for the different Ranorex Studio versions from the mobile download archive.

If you absolutely must use earlier automation libraries, you can do so as long as they only produce warnings, but this is not recommended. In this case, simply close the technology limitation warning.

The basic procedure of mobile testing

Mobile tests in Ranorex Studio always follow the same basic procedure, regardless of the type of device. The mobile OS and the type of test (app test or mobile web test) then determine the specific actions and settings in the steps this basic procedure entails.

Prepare your device

  • Enter the recommended device settings for Android and iOS
  • Install the Ranorex Service App

Connect your device

  • Choose a connection type
  • Add the device as an endpoint in Ranorex Studio

Instrument apps

  • Pre-instrumented Ranorex web browser (Android, iOS)
  • Instrument Android apps
  • Instrument iOS apps
  • Pre-instrumented iOS sample app

Create a mobile test

  • Create a solution for mobile testing
  • Choose technology and test type
  • Create the mobile test

Run a mobile test and get the report

The following chapters explain each of these steps in detail.



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