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Connect your device

Before you can create and run tests on your mobile device, you need to connect it to your computer and to Ranorex Studio. This requires adding your device as an endpoint in Ranorex Studio.

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Connection types

You can connect your device to the computer that Ranorex Studio is installed on via USB or WiFi. The following tables illustrate the differences between these connection types for Android and iOS. We recommend using a USB connection, as this has no restrictions in terms of functionality and is generally more reliable.

Create tests
Run tests
Start/stop app
Install APK
Deploy (unattended)
Automate system apps
Create tests
Run tests
Start/stop app
Install IPA
Deploy (unattended)

Connection requirements

Android USB connection

For some Android devices, USB debugging does not work with the default Windows USB driver. This makes testing with Ranorex Studio impossible. In these cases, you need to install the device manufacturer’s special developer USB drivers.

You can normally see that this is the case if Windows recognizes your devices correctly, but you can’t add it as an endpoint in Ranorex Studio.

iOS USB connection

You must install iTunes to connect your iOS device to your computer via USB. It provides the required drivers.

General network requirements and recommendations

Connect device to a power source

Regardless of the connection type (USB/WiFi), make sure that your device is connected to a power source at all times during test creation and execution.

WiFi network

When connecting via WiFi, the mobile device must be in the same network as the computer.

USB hubs

When connecting via USB, avoid USB hubs. Always use your computers integrated USB ports if possible.

Connect a device and add it as an endpoint

Connect the device to your computer via USB

For Android devices, a short sound will normally indicate that the device has been recognized.

For iOS devices, iTunes will automatically open if the device is recognized.

The device also appears in your Windows settings if connected properly.

Add the device as an endpoint in Ranorex Studio



Adding a mobile device as an endpoint is explained in

Web and mobile testing > Endpoints > ⇢ Add an Android/iOS endpoint



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