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Embed a repository

Usually, repositories are separated from recording modules. This separation has many advantages, easy re-use of repository items in different recording modules being just one of them.

However, there are cases when you may want to embed a repository in a recording module. Embedding is useful when you want to send someone else a recording you’ve made. Without it, you’d have to send both the recording and the repository separately. The standalone Ranorex Recorder also always creates recordings with embedded repositories for this reason.

In this chapter

Embed a repository

  1. Open the recording module in which to embed a repository.

  2. In the repository toolbar, click the name of the currently assigned repository and click Embed repository. If you have multiple repositories, you can also assign a different repository first.

  1. he repository file and its subfiles in the projects view.

  2. Recording module Recording1 and its subfiles.

  3. Recording module Recording1 with embedded repository files.

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Any changes you make to a recording module with an embedded repository are limited to that module and that repository. The original repository is not affected and other recording modules that use it will continue to work.



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