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Create repository items

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the various methods for creating repository items and adding them to your repository.

In this chapter

Automatic creation during a recording

When you’re recording a test with Ranorex Recorder and you perform an action on a UI element, the corresponding repository element is created and added to your repository automatically.

Repository items created automatically during a recording

Create a repository item with the Track button

The Track button is available in the repository view and in Ranorex Spy. This button lets you track UI elements manually and create repository items. This is particularly useful when you need to update the definition of a UI element that has changed.



Using the Track button is explained in detail in

Ranorex Studio advanced > Tracking UI-elements > ⇢ Track button

Create a repository item with instant tracking

Instant tracking is another way of creating repository items manually. It’s especially helpful for manually identifying UI elements that aren’t easily accessible, like items in a drop-down menu. To activate instant tracking, mouse over the desired UI element and press the shortcut Ctrl+WIN .



Using instant tracking is explained in detail in

Ranorex Studio advanced > Tracking UI-elements > ⇢ Instant tracking.

Create a repository item with Ranorex Spy

You can also add repository items manually from Ranorex Spy, a dedicated tool for mapping and identifying UI elements.

Further reading
Ranorex Spy is introduced in Ranorex Studio advanced > ⇢ Ranorex Spy.

Create a repository item manually in the repository view

Finally, you can create repository items manually in the repository view itself.

To do so:

  1. Right-click an app folder, a rooted folder, or a simple folder.

  2. Click Add new item > Item.

  3. Manually specify the item’s path and name it.



The RanoreXPath used to identify repository items is explained in

Ranorex Studio advanced > RanoreXPath > ⇢ Introduction



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