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Every test run in Ranorex Studio ends with a report. After all, how else would you know whether the test run was successful or not? The report details the entire test run from beginning to start, i.e. how many test cases succeeded, failed, or were blocked; what errors and warnings were raised; the iterations of a given test container; and so on. You can customize reports to change what information is displayed or add your own logos, for example. Finally, you can also export reports.


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Mastering Ranorex Studio reporting: Ranorex Studio reports are integral to test automation. After all, how else would you know whether the test run was successful? Gain an understanding of reports in our free on-demand webinar

Basic characteristics

  • The report starts collecting data as soon as a test run starts.
  • ⇢ Report levels control what data is included in the report.
  • The report is generated as the test run progresses and you can view it at any time during the run. This is especially useful for very large test suites that take hours to run.
  • Reports can be customized.

Further reading

These basic characteristics are explored in Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Reporting > ⇢ Ranorex standard reporting, ⇢ Report levels., and ⇢ Customization basics.

Chapter structure

Reporting is a fairly complex topic, which is why we’ve outlined the structure of this chapter below.

Reporting chapter structure



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