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Convert existing reports to PDF

This article describes how to use the ReportToPDF tool in order to convert existing Ranorex Studio report files to PDF. This allows Ranorex Studio reports to be viewed on computers where Ranorex Studio is not installed.

In this chapter

Download the ReportToPDF tool

The ReportToPDF tool is available as a standalone executable:

Convert an existing report

The ReportToPDF executable is a command line tool that allows you to convert existing Ranorex Studio reports to PDF. The report must be passed to the converter in its compressed form, the so-called rxzlog. The rxzlog is a single archive (.rxzlog extension) including the report and all associated files.

Use the following call to execute the ReportToPDF tool from the command line:

Report.PDF.exe [input file] [output file] /[argument]

The input and output file are required; the arguments are optional.

[input]: Sets the file (*.rxzlog) which is converted.

[output]: Sets the name of the PDF file.

Allowed arguments

style: Sets a custom stylesheet.

detail: Specifies how much information is shown in the generated PDF:

  • none: No module actions are shown.
  • failed: Only actions from failed modules are shown.
  • all: All actions are shown (default value).



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