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#5 Analyze your recording


Required time: 3 minutes

After each recording, analyze the recorded actions and repository items generated, and how these are connected. This helps prevent errors.

In this chapter

Recorded actions

The actions table in the recording view contains 4 individual actions, numbered accordingly. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Action #1 – Mouse click
    This action performs a click in the EnterYourName text box.

  2. Action #2 – Key sequence
    This action enters Harry in the EnterYourName text box.


  3. Action #3 – Mouse click
    This action clicks Submit, updating the welcome message with the name entered in step 3.


  4. Action #4 – Validation
    This action validates whether the welcome message has been updated correctly.


Repository items

Several of the actions listed above manipulate UI elements. These UI elements are represented as repository items in the repository, which appears in the lower half of the recording view.

  1. Item #1 – EnterYourName
    This repository item represents the EnterYourName text box

  2. Item #2 – BtnSubmitUserName
    This repository item represents the Submit button

  3. Item #3 – LblWelcomeMessage
    This repository item represents the Welcome Message text label

The link between actions and repository items

Actions that manipulate UI elements, such as clicking a button, are automatically linked to the corresponding repository item. The repository item appears next to the action in the actions table. When you click the action, the item is also highlighted in the repository.

Actions that don’t manipulate UI elements, such as starting an application, aren’t linked to repository items.

  1. Actions that manipulate the EnterYourName text box
    The ‘Mouse’ action performs the mouse click into the text box. The ‘Key sequence’ action enters Harry in it. Both actions are linked to the EnterYourName repository item

  2. Repository item that represents the manipulated UI element



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