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#3 Create a new solution


Required time: : 2 minutes

In this step, you’ll create a new solution and take a first look at the Ranorex Studio user interface.

In this chapter

Create a new test solution

  1. In the RocketStart solution wizard, click Desktop.

  2. In the dialog that opens, enter a name and click Continue.

  1. Click Browse for application.

  2. Click Browse for app….

  1. Browse to where you saved the Ranorex Studio Demo Application to and click Open.

  2. The Demo Application appears in the RocketStart solution wizard. Click Continue.

  1. Select Focus on single application and click Continue.

  2. Click Finish to complete the setup.

The Ranorex Studio user interface

Let’s take a quick look at the different elements of the Ranorex Studio user interface.

  1. Click the tab FirstTest.rxtst to switch to the test suite view.

  1. Test suite view
    The test suite is where you build and control your tests. Your test suite already comes with a simple test case that contains three recording modules: StartAUT starts the Demo Application, Recording1 will contain the test actions we’ll record in the next chapter, and CloseAUT closes the Demo Application.

  1. Click the tab Recording1.rxrec to switch to the recording module view.

  1. Projects pad
    The projects pad displays all projects, folders, references, and files associated with your test solution.

  2. Module browser pad
    The module browser provides quick access to all modules and module groups sorted by project.

  3. Recording module view – actions table
    This view is where you fill your recording module with actions and edit them. They are listed chronologically in an “actions table.”

  4. Recording module view – repository
    The repository contains all repository items that are referenced by actions. Repository items represent UI elements.

  5. Output pad
    This panel displays build information, errors, debug information, and search results.

  6. Tutorial panel
    This panel shows a quick tutorial that guides you through the first steps of building a test. While you are going through “Ranorize Yourself in 20 Minutes,” you don’t need to worry about it.



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