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Sample projects

The sample solutions on the Ranorex Studio Start page provide an introduction to key concepts of automated testing. Study these examples to learn how to create automated tests for desktop, web, and mobile applications. There is also a cross-platform sample solution that demonstrates how to perform tests on desktop, web, and mobile in a single test scenario.

Desktop sample

This sample performs automated tests on a demonstration desktop application.

Learn something about: Variable binding, data connectors, user code actions, arguments, optional actions, smart folders, module groups, and global setup/teardown regions

Web sample

This sample performs automated tests on an online blog tool.

Learn something about: Module library, popup watcher, project organization, report screenshot, validation, web testing, handling flyout menu, setup/teardown regions, and data binding.

Mobile apps on Android and iOS

These samples for Android and iOS perform automated tests on a mobile application.

Learn something about: Mobile testing, Android, iOS, deploy mobile app, module groups, user code actions, setup/teardown regions, data connectors, and arguments

Cross-platform sample

This sample performs automated tests on desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Learn something about: Cross-platform test, end2end test, iOS, Android, deploy mobile app, module library, project organization, popup watcher, web testing, mobile web testing, setup/teardown regions, and data binding



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