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Record a test

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to record a test and become familiar with the underlying automation concepts.

In this chapter

Steps for successful recording

Ranorex Studio supports a wide range of environments, specifications, and settings. To make your first recording a success regardless of your environment, we recommend the following:


While recording, use only the mouse for navigation

Avoid using other input devices such as graphic tablets, touchpads, pens, etc.


Click every step

Do not use the tab key to navigate through forms.


Close other applications

Close any other applications or tools that you don’t need for the test.


Open the user guide on another machine

If possible, open the user guide on another machine or tablet for reference while recording your test.


Click pause/continue in the Recorder

To check back to the user guide or perform actions that you don’t want to be recorded, just click the Pause button in the Recorder control center.


Set display scaling to 100 %

In the Windows display settings, set display scaling to 100 % for all of your displays.

Record the test

  1. To start recording, click Record. Ranorex Studio is minimized to the taskbar automatically.
    The Recorder control center shows that recording is active.

Starting the recording
  1. The application under test comes into focus.

  2. In the text field, enter ‘Harry‘ and click Submit.

Validate the test

We’ve recorded the UI interaction. Now it’s time to validate whether the interaction has led to the desired result, i.e. if the welcome message has changed accordingly.


Further reading

The concept of test validation is introduced in Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Test validation > ⇢ Introduction.

  1. Click Validate. Recording pauses and the Recorder switches to validation mode.

Activating test validation
  1. Select the UI element to validate:

  • Mouse over the changed welcome message. A purple frame follows your mouse movement.
  • The purple frame indicates which element is currently selected for validation.
  • Once your selection matches the welcome message, click it.
Selecting the element to validate
  1. To confirm the UI element, click Next.

  2. Select the validation attributes:

  • Text and Visible are the default validation attributes for text-based validations. No other attributes are required.
  • To confirm the selection, click OK.
Confirming the element and attribute selection

Finalize and end recording

Once you’ve finished the validation action, Ranorex Studio automatically continues recording. The next step is to finalize and end the test recording.

  1. Click Reset to reset the welcome message to its initial state.

  2. In the Recorder control center, click Stop to end the recording.

Finalize and end test recording


The recording ends, and you return to the Recorder view. If you followed the instructions exactly, you should see 5 recorded actions and 4 identified UI elements, organized in two folders as shown below.

Recording result in Recorder view

Download the sample solution

You can build your own test solution according to the instructions in this chapter. Alternatively, you can download a prepared sample test solution.


Sample solution

Theme: Recording a test

Time: Less than 10min


  1. Unzip to any folder on your computer

  2. Start Ranorex Studio and open the solution file Introduction.rxsln



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