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Ranorex Recorder

The Ranorex Recorder allows you to record the keyboard and mouse actions necessary for a user interface test. These actions appear in the Recorder’s action table, where you can edit them or add more. This way, you can create recordings to suit your testing needs. The Ranorex Recorder is available as an integrated tool in Ranorex Studio and as a stand-alone version.

In this chapter

Integrated Recorder

When you start a new test project, the working environment appears with an empty recording module opened.

Integrated Recorder
  1. Active recording module Recording1.rxrec

  2. Control panel of the integrated Recorder

Stand-alone Recorder

Ranorex also provides a stand-alone Recorder. It can be started independently from Ranorex Studio.

Stand-alone Recorder
  1. Open the Windows Start menu.

  2. Click Ranorex > Ranorex Recorder 8.

  3. Start the stand-alone Recorder in the desired version (32 or 64 bit).

Integrated vs. stand-alone Recorder

Both Recorder versions are identical in their basic functionality. However, the stand-alone Recorder has fewer features. That’s why we recommend that you use the integrated Recorder.

One major difference is that the stand-alone Recorder does not allow user code actions, which are popular in automated testing. The stand-alone Recorder also uses an embedded repository by default. This can be limiting when dealing with more complex testing tasks.

For these reasons, the User Guide focuses on the integrated Recorder.



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