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Actions and repository items

Most actions are performed on repository items, which in turn represent UI elements. Actions are managed in the actions table, while repository items are managed in the repository. They are therefore separate, but linked to each other. This chapter explains the relationship between actions and repository items.

In this chapter

Actions and the actions table

Actions are managed in the actions table of a recording module in the Recorder view.

Actions in action list of recorder view in Ranorex Studio

UI elements and repository items

Repository items are representations of UI elements. Ranorex uses repository items to store the structure of a UI and access it. This way, Ranorex can perform actions on repository items and, consequently, on UI elements. Repository items are stored and managed separately from actions in the repository in the Recorder view. Repositories are organized in a folder-like hierarchy.

For example, look at the welcome screen of the Ranorex demo app. Each UI element is represented by a repository item. Note how the items are organized in the repository.

UI elements and repository items

Further reading

The repository is described in Ranorex Studio fundamentals > ⇢ Repository.

Actions and repository items

Repository items by themselves don’t do anything. It’s only when they are linked to actions that they fulfill their function. While there are a few actions that can’t be linked to repository items, such as the Run application action, the majority of actions can and in most cases should be linked to a repository item. Imagine that you had a Key sequence action that wasn’t linked to a repository item—the key sequence would always be entered in whatever field was in focus at the moment. This would make your test unreliable.

Actions tell Ranorex what to do; repository items tell it where in the UI to do it.

The image below illustrates the link between a Mouse click action and a repository item representing a button.

Link between actions and repository items
  1. Action

  • Action #4 is a mouse click on a UI element, the Submit button.
  • This action requires a link to the repository item that represents this button.
  1. Repository item

  • The repository item BtnSubmitUserName represents a UI element, the Submit button.
  • Whenever an action should be carried out on this button, this repository item is invoked.
  1. Link between an action and a repository item

  • The link between the action and the UI element is established through the corresponding repository item.
  • This is indicated in column 6 of the action, where the repository item is referenced.



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