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Using the user code library

In this chapter, you’ll find out how to access the user code library and add user code methods to a recording module.

Add a user code method

To add a user code method to a recording module:

  1. In the recording module view, click Add new action > User code > Select from library.

  1. Creates a new user code method.

  2. List of recently used user code methods for quick access.

The user code library will open. You can now select a user code method from the available user code collections.

  1. Select your desired user code method in the library.

  2. Click Confirm selection.

  1. Search for user code methods

  2. Sort user code methods by different criteria

  3. User code collections

  4. User code methods, grouped in user code collections

  5. Description of the user code method, as entered by the creator in the code

  6. Click to add the selected method to the recording module



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