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The Ranorex Automation Helpers are a collection of useful code modules and user code methods that can be used in any Ranorex Studio solution. They allow you to use functionality in your tests that you would normally need coding skills for. Examples include:

  • Automated distribution of test reports via email
  • Automated handling of pop-up windows
  • Automated conversion of reports to PDF
  • Automated creation of custom log files
  • Advanced string operations
  • Measuring intervals during test execution
  • Automated file downloads for web tests

With the Automation Helpers, you can do all of the above and more without coding.

In this chapter, we’ll explain how to install and update the Automation Helpers and we’ll give instructions how to use each code module and user code method.

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Contribute to the Automation Helpers

The Automation Helpers are released under an open source license and can be used, edited, and extended by anyone. You’re welcome to contribute!

  1. The Automation Helpers source code is stored in a GitHub project at https://github.com/ranorex/Packages/tree/master/AutomationHelpers/src/. You can send your changes and extensions to us by making a pull request on GitHub.

  2. The folder Modules contains the code modules included in the Automation Helpers.

  3. The folder UserCodeCollections contains the user-code methods included in the Automation Helpers.



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