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When collaborating between TestRail and Ranorex Studio, there are a couple of things you should consider.

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Basic best practice

TestRail is a test management tool, while Ranorex Studio is a test automation tool. They serve similar, but ultimately different purposes. Based on this we recommend the following approach to leverage the advantages of both programs.

One team is responsible for planning and managing tests on TestRail. They designate what needs to be tested, which of the tests are manual/automated, and they plan test runs.

The other team works in Ranorex Studio. They import the tests designated as automated and automate them in Ranorex Studio. They adapt the structure of the TestRail suites to what makes sense in Ranorex Studio.

Test runs can be initiated by either team or by using Continuous Integration tools. What’s most important is communicating it to each other. This applies in general: Keep each other up to date. Let others know what you’re doing. Most collaboration pitfalls are rooted in a lack of communication.

Source control and TestRail integration in Ranorex Studio

When using source control and the TestRail integration, it’s important that you designate one person to coordinate and do the synchronizing. Otherwise you will end up with duplicated test cases in TestRail or worse.

Follow this workflow:

  1. Connect your solution to TestRail, i.e. carry out an import or export, depending on your starting point.
  2. Check in TestRail.trsd into your version control tool.
  3. People make changes to the solution and check them in.
  4. Before synchronizing with TestRail, make sure everyone has the latest version.
  5. Synchronize and check everything in again.
  6. Repeat from step 3.



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