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Technology instrumentation

Ranorex Studio supports test automation for many different UI technologies. Some of these technologies must be instrumented for best automation results. Instrumenting can mean installing an add-on, configuring the AUT in a certain way, or adding code so Ranorex Studio can identify UI elements for that technology. The capability to identify UI elements is also called object recognition.

Ranorex Studio can instrument many technologies automatically, but in some cases, this won’t work. Some technologies simply require manual instrumentation, either with the ⇢ Ranorex Instrumentation Wizard or by hand.

This chapter covers the cases where automatic instrumentation or the Ranorex Instrumentation Wizard don’t work. It is structured according to the different technologies, with a separate page for troubleshooting object recognition issues for technologies not covered on the other pages.

In many cases, Ranorex Studio will warn you about object recognition issues with a technology instrumentation message, which will look like this:

Technology limitation warning for Chrome – in this case, the Instrumentation Wizard can be used



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