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About Subversion and Ranorex Studio

Subversion is a centralized version control system by Apache (https://subversion.apache.org/).

To get more information about Subversion, please have a look at the official Subversion online documentation: http://svnbook.org

Ranorex Studio uses two applications for working with subversion, which are installed with Ranorex Studio by default:

  • SharpSvn
    • Is a set of libraries for working with Subversion.
  • TortoiseSVN
    • It is a Windows shell extension for Subversion and provides the icon overlays showing the file status in Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Studio will assist you with this dialog in case the required prerequisite is not present on the machine:

Add a Ranorex Solution to Subversion

Please make sure your Subversion infrastructure is set up and working.

To add an existing Ranorex Solution to Subversion, open the context menu of the solution. Go to ‘Source Control’ and click on ‘Add Solution to Source Control’.

To add a new Ranorex Solution to Subversion, check the option ‘Add to Source Control’ in the ‘New Project’ dialog.

The ‘Source Control Wizard’ will be opened.
Please follow these instructions:

  1. Choose ‘Subversion’ as Source Control provider.

  1. TortoiseSVN will ask for the URL of the repository.

  1. Authenticate yourself on the subversion server.

  1. Choose the folder in the repository you want to add your solution to.

  1. Check the files you want to have under source control and uncheck the files you don’t want to have under source control respectively.

  1. The chosen files will be added to source control.

  1. Now, commit the changes to the Subversion server.

  1. The commit is done.

After performing these steps, your solution is under source control and your local copy is up to date.

Check out a Ranorex Solution from Subversion

Please make sure your Subversion infrastructure is set up and working.

  1. Open ‘Tools’ menu, move to ‘Source Control’ and click on ‘Checkout…’.

  1. Choose ‘Subversion’ as Source Control provider in Source Control Wizard.

  1. Enter the URL of your repository and specify the checkout directory.

  1. The chosen project will be checked out.

Icon overlays in Projects View

Overlay icons are added to the items in the Projects View in Ranorex Studio, as the solution is under source control.

Icon overlays
NormalNot locally modified, no changes waiting for commit.
ConflictedIndicates a conflict.
ModifiedModified, changes are waiting to be committed.
AddedMarked for addition, waiting to be committed.


In Ranorex Studio Options you can find options related to Subversion.

Open main menu item ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Options…’. In the following dialog select folder ‘Tools’ and sub-item ‘Subversion Options’. By default, all checkboxes are checked. The currently used SharpSvn version can be found here.

Using another version of SharpSvn and TortoiseSVN

In order to use another version of TortoiseSVN and SharpSvn than the preinstalled ones, you have to download and install the version you want to use:

  • Download and install TortoiseSVN first from http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org.
  • After that download, the corresponding package for SharpSvn from https://sharpsvn.open.collab.net.
  • Please make sure you choose the right version of SharpSvn, which matches the TortoiseSVN version.
  • Extract the downloaded Version.
  • Copy the extracted folder to ‘RanorexStudioAddInsSourceControlSubversionAddin’.
  • Once you restart Ranorex Studio, the correct version of SharpSVN will be automatically chosen.



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