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Microsoft Azure DevOps (abbreviated as ADO) is a cloud-based continuous-integration software, previously known as Visual Studio Team Services. It provides all the necessary functionality for managing software development projects.

For more details on Azure DevOps, go to https://azure.microsoft.com.

In this chapter, you’ll find out how to use the Azure DevOps integration, i.e. running your Ranorex Studio tests as part of a build pipeline in Azure DevOps.

In this chapter


The integration relies on various systems. The image below illustrates how they work together:

  1. The Ranorex Studio solution is stored in a folder which acts as a Git repository (the repository folder), and is therefore under Git version control.

  2. The Azure DevOps project connects to the Ranorex Studio solution in the repository folder through the Repos functionality and also uses Git for version control.

  3. The Azure DevOps project can contain one or more pipelines. These provide the CI functionality, i.e. building and executing a Ranorex Studio solution.

  4. Finally, the test is executed on one or more Azure Pipelines agents.

Software requirements

You will need to have the following software installed to use the Azure DevOps integration.

Ranorex Studio

For creating and maintaining tests, you will need a full installation of Ranorex Studio and a Premium license. For only running a test on a machine with an Azure Pipelines agent, you will need a Runtime license.

For more information about the available license models, refer to https://support.ranorex.com/prices/.

Azure DevOps account

You will need an Azure DevOps account. A free account is enough to use the integration, but depending on your requirements, you may need to upgrade to a paid account. Go to https://azure.microsoft.com for more information about functionality and pricing.


The integration relies on Git for versioning and providing the Ranorex Studio solution to the Azure DevOps project . Git is free under the GNU GPL. You can get it from https://git-scm.com/.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Pipelines in Azure DevOps rely on Microsoft Visual Studio to build Ranorex Studio solutions. You therefore need to have Microsoft Visual Studio installed. The free version is enough to use the integration, but depending on your requirements, you may need to upgrade to a paid version.

Go to https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/ for more information about different versions.



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