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Creating a compressed Ranorex report

A compressed Ranorex Report is one zipped file including all files that belong to a single report. These are the report file itself (*.rxlog), all images and further relevant files. The file extension is ‘.rxzlog‘.

In this chapter

Automatically create compressed Ranorex report

Ranorex can be configured to create a compressed copy of every report which is created. This is done in the report settings of the settings & configuration area. Here is how to.

Accessing the report settings

Accessing report settings
  1. Select the test suite and open the context menu

  2. Click Properties in the context menu

  3. In the settings window, click the Report register tab

Enabling compressed report copy

Check the corresponding checkbox in the settings dialog to enable automatic creation of a compressed report copy.

Create compressed copy of report


The compressed Ranorex report file is saved in the output folder of the project file structure.

Automatic compressed report copy
  1. Destination folder:

  • The output folder of the solution is binDebug
  • In this folder, the compressed report copy is saved to
  1. Compressed report copy

  • See the compressed report copy with the file ending ‘.rxzlog
  • The naming conventions are the same as for regular reports

Manually create compressed Ranorex report

Any created report can be saved as compressed Ranorex report. This is how to do.

  1. Open the context menu in a created report in Ranorex Studio and click Save as…

Manually creating compressed report – part I
  1. Select a destination folder, optionally change file name and click Save

Manually creating compressed report – part II

Important to know:

  1. See the default destination folder which is the current root solution folder

  2. See the default file name for the compressed report and the according file type .rxzlog

Manually creating compressed report – part III
  1. Click OK in the information window confirming the creation of the compressed report


Manually creating compressed report – part IV
  1. See the compressed report file in the designated destination folder



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