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この章では、高い品質、信頼性、パフォーマンスを備えたテストを作成するのに役立つ、実用的なプラクティスについて説明します。これらの情報は、多くのユーザー プロジェクトの分析や、Ranorex のエキスパートの経験に基づくものです。

This chapter is structured as follows

Meaning of symbols

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Method: Contains the detailed description of a process. This includes an explanation of the process, the goal(s) of the process, and a step-by-step explanation of the actions necessary to successfully complete the process.

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Concept: Detailed description of a principle, technical concept or key idea applied within one or more Ranorex Studio tools and/or methods. These concepts are important for understanding and using the referenced tool or method.