Welcome to the new Ranorex Support Portal

DesignWise Prerequisites

Before starting your work in DesignWise, please complete the steps described below.

Download Chrome

Download the Chrome browser onto your computer if you can. DesignWise also works well on Edge, Firefox, and Safari, but performance in Chrome tends to be fastest (please avoid Internet Explorer).

If your internal policies do not allow open internet downloads/installations, it’s most likely that your company’s Software Center/Store has the Chrome installer.

Perform the network test

Go to https://designwise.ranorex.com/network-test.

Click all 7 buttons on the screen

Confirm you see “Success!” 7 times

If you do not see success 7 times, you will need to use a different browser, change your browser settings, and/or have your network administrator change network settings.

Register for DesignWise

Navigate to the URL provided below to register yourself for a DesignWise account.