Run a mobile test

For the most part, running mobile tests works the same as for any other test. There are just a few preparations required.

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    To execute a test on a mobile device, you need to make the following preparations:

    • The device must be set as automation root in the endpoints pad. Alternatively, you can specify an endpoint in the Run mobile app action. It will then override the automation root.
    • The Ranorex Service App must be installed on the mobile device.

    Run the test

    With the above preparations made, you can run the test like any other.

    In the test suite view, click RUN. The test will be started and run on the mobile device.

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    Do not touch the screen or any buttons on the mobile device while the test is running.  This would result in a test failure.

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    The various available options for test runs are also the same as for other tests.  For more information, refer to  ⇢ Execute a test suite.


    Once the test run has finished, the report appears.

    The report for mobile tests does not differ from that for other tests.


    Reports are explained in Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Reports > ⇢ Introduction