Endpoint settings

In this chapter, we’ll explain the available settings for endpoints.

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Most of the settings explained here are valid for Android, iOS, and WebDriver endpoints. WebDriver endpoints have some additional, more complex settings that we explain separately in ⇢ Add a WebDriver endpoint.

Endpoint settings

Click the button to the right of an endpoint to bring up its settings.

Set as automation root

  • Click to set an endpoint as the automation root.
  • This means that tests will only be able to interact with this endpoint and will receive and send all data for test execution through this endpoint.
  • To reflect this, the run buttons in the Ranorex Studio toolbar and the test suite/recorder view will change accordingly. You can also set an endpoint as the automation root by clicking the symbol to its left in the endpoint list.

View details – Displays a detailed view of the endpoint’s properties:

  • Connection status and type
  • Endpoint name
  • Ranorex Service (version of the Ranorex Service App)
  • OS of the mobile device (Android/iOS only)
  • Address
  • Instrumented apps (Android/iOS only. Click the symbol next to an app to start it on the device. Click the rocket button to ⇢ instrument and deploy an app to the device).

Instrument and deploy app (Android/iOS only)

Save ADB log (Android only)

  • Saves the log file of the Android debug bridge.

Refresh/Edit/Delete – self-explanatory

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Be careful when editing the endpoint’s address. A wrong address will result in a connection error and test failure.