Add an Android/iOS endpoint

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to add an Android or iOS endpoint.

⇢ Adding a WebDriver endpoint is explained separately.

In this chapter


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    Make sure you have applied the required ⇢ device settings to your mobile device.

    Turn on your mobile device and connect it to a power source.

    Start the Ranorex Service App.

    Connect the device to your computer via USB (recommended) or WiFi (same network as computer).

    Add endpoint

    Open the endpoint list.

    An empty endpoint list.

    Endpoint list with Localhost (the computer) and two endpoints added.


    In an empty endpoint list, click Add endpoint. Or, in a list of existing endpoints, click +.

    Select the OS of your mobile device and then select your device from the list below. You can also enter the device’s address manually by clicking Other device…

    Click Add endpoint.

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    If your device doesn’t appear in the list, refresh it and make sure all required ⇢ device settings have been applied.

    Click Complete setup to return to the endpoint list or Add another endpoint. In either case, the newly-added endpoint appears in the endpoint list.