iOS Service App

This quick starting guide will show you, how to properly use the new iOS RxServiceApp to create automated tests and how to prepare your iOS project so that start/stop app functionality can be used.

Prepare Your iOS Project to Enable Start/Stop Functionality

The following step by step instructions are based on Xcode 6.

If the app will be instrumented manually, please do the following steps to register the custom URL scheme so that the starting and stopping will work correctly:

  • Open your project in Xcode 6.x
  • Follow the instructions in the section: Instrumentation with source code on iOS
  • In Xcode choose the “Info” tab
  • Under Custome iOS Target Properties add URL types key
  • Expand URL types key with Item0
  • Expand Item0 with URL schemes
  • Expand URL schemes with Item0 and write the app activity name as value

Enable start/stop functionality

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  • If no URL scheme is set, the app under test cannot be launched and you will get an error message when you try to start the app with Ranorex. In the app list of the iOS RxServiceApp there will be also a warning message “Can’t launch”.
  • After Instrumenting and deploying the app for the first time, start the app manually once.
  • The newly instrumented and deployed app, needs to be started manually for the first time, so that it gets registered at the RxServiceApp.
  • If the app is instrumented with Ranorex Studio on the Windows machine, the correct URL scheme will be set automatically.
  • Due to restriction in Apple API it may occur that the instrumented IPA is not able to run from with Ranorex Studio, while RxServices application is in the background mode. It is recommended to perform any test while the instrumented IPA is in the foreground

Proper use of the iOS Service App

To use the new start/stop functionality via USB or WiFi, make sure that the RxServiceApp is running and is active on the device. You can either use the instrumentation wizard to deploy the service app as described in ⇢ Instrumentation Wizard – iOS, or download and install the service app on your device from our mobile download archive by scanning the following QR Code or the using the following short URL:

Use the QR Code above or the url to directly access the download archive on your mobile device.

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Start/Stop functionality can not be used from the home screen of the device, even if the RxServiceApp is running in the background.

You can still create automated tests without the iOS RxServiceApp. Please note that without the RxServiceApp the start/stop functionality won’t work.

To add a device without the service app, make sure that an instrumented app is running and active on the device.

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  • When using the start functionality, the app under test will be launched multiple times, because it needs to be reseted into initial state.
  • If you want to create automated test on an instrumented app that has no URL Scheme, please make sure, that the RxServiceApp is not installed on the device and that the testing app is active on the device.