In this and the following chapters, we’ll explain how licensing works in Ranorex Studio. You’ll find out which licenses there are, how to install them, how to uninstall them, and how to transfer them.

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    There are two basic kinds of Ranorex Studio licenses: node-locked and floating.

    Node-locked license

    Node-locked licenses are bound to a single machine (host), on which they can be used without expiring.

    Floating license

    Floating licenses are not bound to a single machine. They “float” on a server, waiting to be leased by a user. When a license is leased, it becomes unavailable to other users until it is returned. Then the license floats on the server again, ready for lease by another user.

    Floating licenses are managed in the Ranorex License Manager on a machine. The machine that the License Manager is installed on is called the server in the following chapters. The License Manager distributes floating licenses to users automatically as needed.

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    Both kinds of license can be ⇢ transferred from one machine to another once every 90 days from the last installation.