When identifying UI elements, Ranorex Studio and its components scan all running processes on your computer by default. With whitelisting, you can focus Ranorex Studio on only the processes relevant for your test.

This has two advantages:

  • It increases performance during test recording, test execution, and in Ranorex Spy
  • It helps you create clean recordings since you can interact only with whitelisted processes.
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Plan ahead which processes will be part of your test and add them to your whitelist.

Editing your whitelist

In Ranorex Studio, go to View > Whitelist. The whitelist pad opens.

Click Edit whitelist… if your whitelist is empty or click the whitelist icon in the top right of the pad.

The edit window appears. In it:

Add processes to the whitelist or remove them using the buttons.

If a process isn’t listed on the left, click Add process… to browse to it and add it directly.

Click Advanced… to open a dialog where you can paste a list of process names or specify a range of process names with a regex statement.

When you’re done, click Apply whitelist. Ranorex Studio and its components will now recognize UI elements only in the whitelisted processes.

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Endpoints are not affected by whitelisting, and so will still appear in Spy.


Find out more about endpoints in

Web and mobile testing > Endpoints > ⇢ Getting started


Ranorex Spy without / with whitelisting

Spy browser window without whitelisting
Spy browser window with active whitelisting and the Ranorex Studio Demo Application in the whitelist