Validation of tooltips

Validating tooltips is a bit more challenging than validating other types of UI elements. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to do it.

In this chapter

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    The screencast “Tooltip validation” walks you through the information found in this chapter.

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    Test definition

    We want to validate that the tooltip shown in the image below appears properly when a user hovers the mouse over the Shuffle button.

    Tooltip example in demo application

    Activate tooltip validation

    To activate tooltip validation:

    Recorder hotkey activation

    Recorder hotkey activation

    Activate Enable hotkeys.

    Further reading

    Recorder hotkeys are explained in Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Ranorex Recorder> ⇢ Recorder control center & hotkeys.

    Validate the tooltip

    Place the cursor over the UI element whose tooltip you want to validate.
    When the tooltip appears, press T.
    Validating tooltips

    Specifying tooltip validation

    In the next screen, check whether the correct tooltip element has been selected and click Next to confirm.
    Ensure the attribute Exists is checked and click OK to confirm.
    Specifying tooltip validation


    There are two recorded actions in the actions table. Action #2 is the tooltip validation.

    Tooltip validation result

    Tooltip validation result

    Actions table and tooltip validation action.
    Linked repository item representing the tooltip UI element.

    Download the sample solution

    You can download the sample solution for this chapter here. It contains the finished solution with all recorded actions.

    Sample solution

    Theme: Tooltip validation
    Time: 15 minutes

    Download sample file

    Install the sample solution:

    Unzip to any folder on your computer.
    Start Ranorex Studio and open the solution file TooltipValidation.rxsln

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    The sample solution is available for Ranorex Studio versions 8.0 or higher. You must agree to the automatic solution upgrade for versions 8.2 and higher.