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Run a test and check the report

Required time: 3 minutes

It’s time to execute the test and review the report.
In this chapter

    Start the test run

    Start the test in one of the ways listed below:

    Click the tab for the test suite, FirstTest.rxtst, to switch from the recording view to the test suite view. The test suite is where you manage and run your tests

    Or, click the View test suite button.

    Click the RUN button in the test suite.

    Change to test suite view & starting test run
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    After you’ve clicked RUN, do not use the keyboard or mouse. Doing so would interfere with the test actions and cause a test failure.

    Watch the test run

    When the test run starts, two status windows appear as Ranorex Studio performs the actions in the recording.

    Test run status & progress information

    Test run status & progress information

    Review the test report

    When the test run finishes, review the test report which opens in a new tab in Ranorex Studio. If everything went as intended, you should see a large green pie chart.

    FirstTest test report

    Report details

    Click the arrows next to the test case and the recording module to display more detailed information about the test run, such as the validation action details.

    Test report details
    Button to expand/collapse details

    Detailed information about successful validation