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Record your first test

Required time: 6 minutes

It’s time to record our test! This means we’ll manually perform the actions we determined in the previous chapter and let Ranorex Studio record them.
In this chapter
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    The screencast “Record a Test” walks you through the information found in this chapter.

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    Steps for successful recording

    Ranorex Studio supports a wide range of environments, test specifications, and technical settings. So that your first recording is a success regardless of your environment, we recommend the following: 

    Use a mouse

    While recording, use only the mouse for navigation

    Avoid using other input devices such as graphic tablets, touchpads, pens, …
    Click every step

    Click every step

    Do not use the tab key to navigate through forms
    Close all other apps

    Close other applications

    Close any other application or tool that you don’t need for the test
    Open on another device

    Open the user guide on another machine

    If possible, open the user guide on another machine or tablet for reference while recording your test
    Click pause / play

    Click pause/continue in the recorder

    To check back to the user guide or perform actions that you don’t want to be recorded, just click the pause button in the Recorder control center
    No hidpi monitor

    Set display scaling to 100 %

    In the Windows display settings, set display scaling to 100 % for all of your displays.

    Record the test

    In Ranorex Studio, make sure you’re in the recording module view of Recording1.rxrec. Also ensure that the Demo Application is running. This should already be the case if you followed our instructions for creating a solution with the RocketStart solution wizard.

    MyFirstRecording.rxrec opened in recording module view.

    Running Demo Application showing the welcome screen.

    Click the RECORD button to start the recording. Ranorex Studio automatically switches to the demo application and the Recorder controls appear.
    Starting the test recording
    Click the Enter your name text field, enter Harry, and click Submit.
    Recording the text insertion

    Validate a UI element

    We can see that Harry has appeared in the welcome message. Now we’ll add a validation so that Ranorex Studio verifies this during testing.

    Click Validate in the recorder controls to pause recording and switch to validation mode.
    Activating test validation
    Mouse over the welcome message. A purple frame appears. This means the UI element has been identified. Click it.
    Validation element selection
    The Select element window opens. Check whether the screenshot in the lower right shows the UI element you want to validate. In our case, that’s the welcome message. Click Next to confirm.

    The Validation settings window opens. Here, you can select which attributes to validate. In our case, Text is correctly preselected. Click OK to confirm and switch back to recording mode.

    Validation element & attribute selection

    Stop the recording

    Click Stop in the Recorder controls to stop recording.
    Finalize & end test recording


    The image below shows all the recording steps described in this chapter. You can use it as an on-screen aid while recording.

    Click image to enlarge
    Click image to enlarge