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Download and install Ranorex Studio

Required time: 3 minutes

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The screencast “Download and Install Ranorex Studio” walks you through the information found in this chapter.

Watch the screencast now


Go to /free-trial/ and follow the instructions to download a free trial of Ranorex Studio.

Once downloaded, run the setup file and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard. To ensure complete installation, do not deselect any features in this dialog:

Ranorex setup wizard – feature selection
Select and insert a valid license key if you already purchased one.
Select if you want to use Ranorex Studio in trial mode.
License type selection

License type selection

Once finished, Ranorex Studio launches to the start page and displays the RocketStart solution wizard.
Ranorex Studio start page - trial version
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If the RocketStart solution wizard doesn’t appear, you can bring it up by clicking one of the options below:

File > New > Solution using wizard…

New test solution using wizard…