Working environment and views

The Ranorex Studio working environment provides a central place to manage your test solution and all of its components. This chapter describes the basic working environment and default views.

In this chapter

    Basic working environment structure

    Ranorex Studio provides a working environment that is simple and organized according to common principles, such as a hierarchical organization. Refer to the overview below for an introduction to the structure of the working environment.

    Basic working environment structure

    Basic working environment structure

    Projects pad

    • A Ranorex Studio project is based on files and uses the same project file format as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010.
    • The projects view shows all files and references currently associated with the project.

    Module browser pad

    • The module browser lists all available code and recording modules in the project’s code files. It also lists all module groups in the project’s module group file.
    • In addition, it shows all the variables defined by a module or module group.
    • This view is mainly used to drag and drop automation modules and module groups, and to reuse modules and module groups within the test suite view.

    File view

    • Double-click a file in the projects view or a module in the module browser to open the associated file in Ranorex Studio’s file view.
    • This view displays all available files, such as the test suite view, Recorder view with action table and repository, reports, code modules, and many more.

    Adding views

    For a list of all available views, click View in the Ranorex Studio menu bar.

    Menu >View in Studio menu bar

    Menu > View in Studio menu bar

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    The different views are described in the corresponding chapters of the user guide.

    Changing and selecting views

    Add views to the working environment using the View menu of the Ranorex Studio menu bar. To switch between active views, click the corresponding register tab in the file view.

    Available register tabs for different files in Studio file view

    Available register tabs for different files in Studio file view

    Test suite view (*.rxtst)

    Test suite files have the file extension rxtst = Ranorex test suite

    Recorder view (*.rxrec)

    Recorder files have the file extension rxrec = Ranorex Recorder

    Report file (*.rxlog)

    Report files have the file extension rxlog = Ranorex Logfile

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    Remove an active view from the working environment by clicking the [x] next to the file name in the register tab.

    Tutorial panel

    When you create a solution using the RocketStart solution wizard, the tutorial panel will be displayed by default. It displays a quick tutorial to guide you through the first steps of working with Ranorex Studio.

    You can close the tutorial by clicking the X and bring it back up again by clicking View > First steps.