In this chapter, you’ll download and install Ranorex Studio. It’s a straightforward procedure that will take about 3 minutes to complete. Just follow the instructions below.

In this chapter

    Download Ranorex Studio

    Visit the Ranorex Studio free trial download web page.

    Enter your name, your company, and a valid business email address.

    Ranorex free-trial download website

    Click image to open free-trial download

    Check your inbox for an email with the download link.
    Click the link to start the download.

    Ranorex Studio setup wizard

    Start setup and follow the instructions.
    Accept the license agreement.
    Make sure you do not deselect any features when prompted!

    Ranorex setup wizard – feature selection

    Ranorex setup wizard – feature selection

    Finish Ranorex Studio installation

    Watch the installation progress.
    You should see a message that the installation was successful.
    Click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard and start Ranorex Studio.

    Ranorex setup wizard – installation progress (left) & final success information (right)

    Ranorex setup wizard – installation progress (left) and final success information (right)

    free trial vs. paid license

    Select and enter the license information of a purchased Ranorex Studio license
    You may use this full-featured version of Ranorex Studio for a free trial period. Afterward, you must purchase a license to continue using Ranorex Studio.

    Ranorex Studio license type selection

    Ranorex Studio license type selection

    Further reading

    The available license models and the Ranorex License Manager are explained in > Ranorex Studio system details > ⇢ Licensing. Pricing information is available on our website.

    Open Ranorex Studio

    Ranorex Studio should launch automatically after setup finishes.

    To open it manually:

    Open the Windows Start menu.
    Search for the Ranorex Studio program icon and click it.

    Ranorex Studio program icon in Windows start menu

    Ranorex Studio program icon in the Windows Start menu

    Note icon


    Ranorex Studio also creates a desktop shortcut automatically.


    If this is your first time starting Ranorex Studio or if you don’t have any projects, the start page opens with the RocketStart solution wizard.

    Ranorex Studio startpage

    Select one of these options, and the RocketStart solution wizard will guide you through the process of creating a solution for the specified testing goal.

    Click to close the RocketStart solution wizard and display the Ranorex Studio start page instead.

    The Ranorex Studio start page