After creating your application, it can be built using the ‘Build’ menu.

Within this menu, either the whole solution, or a specific project in the solution can be built, rebuilt or cleaned.

Build messages will be shown in the ‘Output’ window.

‘Output’ window

Build Errors and Warnings will be displayed in the ‘Errors’ window.

‘Errors’ window

Project specific settings can be defined in the ‘Project Options’ dialog, which can be accessed from the ‘Project’ menu.

Opening ‘Project Options’ menu item

To name some of these settings, you can set the name or the type of the generated assembly in the ‘Application’ tab, for example.

‘Project Options’ ‘Application’ tab

You can also set the target CPU and framework or the output path in the ‘Compiling’ tab.

‘Project Options’ ‘Compiling’ tab