This collection contains user code methods that provide useful system functionality, like killing processes or starting timers.

To use them, simply ⇢ add the individual methods to the desired recording modules.

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    Kills a process. String processname is the name of the process to kill as displayed in the Windows Task Manager.


    Returns the current date and time as a string. String expectedFormat defines the format of the returned string. It uses the placeholders d = day, M = month, y = year, h = hour, m = minute, s = second.

    If left empty, uses the format currently set in Windows.

    StartTimer / StopTimer

    These methods allow you to measure the time between two actions. StartTimer starts the timer, StopTimer stops it and logs the elapsed time to the report.

    String timerName is a custom name for the timer. This way, you can have several timers running at once.