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On this page, you’ll find out how to track and identify single UI elements with the Track button from a recording module or repository file in Ranorex Studio.

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    The screencast “track button” walks you through the information found in this chapter.:

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    Test example definition

    To explain tracking with the Track button, we’ll use the Test database of the Ranorex Studio Demo Application.

    Track button - test example definition

    The Test database tab in the demo application.
    The test database working environment.

    Track button

    The Track button is available in different locations:

    • In an opened recording module in the repository toolbar
    • In an opened repository file
    • In Ranorex Spy
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    The first two Track buttons work the same. You’ll likely use the first one more frequently, which is why we’ll focus on it on this page.

    The Track button in Spy works a little differently, which is why we explain it separately as part of the Ranorex Spy chapter.

    Start the demo application and click the Test database tab.

    Start Ranorex Studio and create a new blank solution.

    Open the default recording module and click the Track… button in the repository toolbar.

    Start tracking of track button test example

    Ranorex Studio is minimized. In the demo application, mouse over the Female radio button and click it when the red frame surrounds it as below to track it. 

    Track a radio button in the demo application
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    You can track only one element this way. After tracking this element, you’re returned to Ranorex Studio. To track another element, you need to repeat the process.


    Once the UI element has been tracked and identified, the tracking process ends and you’re returned to Ranorex Studio. There, you can see the created repository item of the UI element.

    Track button - repository

    The repository contains the repository item RdbFemale. This repository item represents the Female radio button and is the result of the tracking process.
    The RanoreXPath of the repository item. This path identifies the position of the UI element in the AUT’s UI.

    Tracking mechanism for the Track button

    • When you click the Track button, the tracking process starts and is ready to track and identify exactly one UI element.
    • The tracking process ends automatically after tracking one UI element.
    • Pressing F12 during the tracking process pauses tracking. This allows you to click elements without tracking them. This way, you can track UI elements hidden in drop-down lists or menus which need to be opened first.
    Pausing track function with F12

    Pressing F12 during the tracking process allows you to track the menu item Project Management from a drop-down list in the demo application.