Image editor

When using image-based testing, it’s often necessary or useful to edit the captured screenshots for better results. Ranorex Studio has a simple built-in image editor for this purpose. On this page, we’ll explain how it works and what functions it offers.

In this chapter

    Start the image editor

    To start the image editor:

    In the actions table, click the breadcrumbs next to a screenshot.
    The image editor opens, displaying the screenshot.

    Opening the image editor

    Image editor functions

    Image editor functions

    Select image find region: Select a region in the image by dragging a rectangle. This region is what Ranorex Studio will try to find during test execution.
    Select image ignore region: Select one or more regions by dragging a rectangle. Ranorex Studio will ignore these regions when trying to find the image find region during test execution.

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    This function works differently depending on what mechanism Ranorex Studio uses in an action to identify an image-find region during execution. There are two mechanisms: CompareImage and ContainsImage. They are based on the available image-based validations in Ranorex Studio.

    All non-validation actions (Mouse click, Key sequence, etc.) use ContainsImage. Validations can use one or the other.

    In short: For ContainsImage, image-find and image-ignore regions should not overlap (likely test failure). For CompareImage, the image-ignore region must be inside the image-find region. For more details, refer to CompareImage/ContainsImage under Validation in ⇢ Action properties.

    Autoselect image find region: Click an area to auto-select a viable image find region.
    Zoom in/out: Lets you zoom in and out. Press the middle button to reset the zoom to 100 %.
    Crop function: First click the Select image find region button and specify a region. Then click the crop button to crop the image to that region.

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    A single image may be used for several validations. Therefore, be careful with cropping an image because you may lose important validation information.

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    Cropping overwrites the previous image. If you used the image in other actions as well, they may not work correctly with the new cropped image.

    Information message on crop consequences

    Cropping confirmation dialog

    New screenshot: Lets you add another screenshot. Useful if something changed in the UI. When adding a new screenshot, it will be stored under the respective repository item along with the previous screenshot. Use the drop-down menu to choose between available screenshots.

    Set of images for validation selection

    Open screenshot from file: Same as adding a new screenshot, except that you browse to an existing file on your computer.