Build a Jenkins project

To execute a Ranorex Studio test as part of a Jenkins process, you need to build the Jenkins project that contains the test. Find out how to do so on this page.

In this chapter

    Build the project

    Install and configure plugins.

    Create and configure a Jenkins project.

    With the project open, click Build now.

    Wait as Jenkins builds the project.

    Test execution

    While the project is building, the Ranorex Studio test executes and the progress dialog appears.

    Ranorex Studio test being executed

    Progress dialog

    Jenkins build details

    Once the build has finished and the test executed, Jenkins returns to the project view and the build appears in the project’s build history.

    To display build details:

    Under Build History, click the respective build.

    Console output

    Jenkins also saves build details in a console output file.

    To display it:

    While viewing a build’s details, click Console Output.