Add Ranorex Studio solution to DevOps project

For the integration to work, the Azure DevOps project must have access to the Ranorex Studio solution. This is done through the Git-versioned repository folder we created in the previous step.

On this page, you’ll find out how to add a Ranorex Studio solution to the repository folder and ensure that it’s under Git version control there.

In this chapter

    Add solution to repository folder

    First, you need to place the Ranorex Studio solution you want to use in Azure DevOps in the repository folder.

    For an existing solution

    Copy the entire solution folder to the repository folder.

    When creating a new solution

    Create a new Ranorex Studio solution

    Specify the repository folder as the location.

    The repository folder.

    Field to specify the solution’s save location in the solution wizard.

    Put solution under Git version control

    For the integration to work, you also need to put the Ranorex Studio solution under Git version control.


    For instructions on how to set up the Git integration in Ranorex Studio and put a Ranorex Studio solution under Git version control, please refer to

    Interfaces and connectivity > Source control & revision control > ⇢ Git

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    For the initial commit of the solution, you need to manually include the Visual Studio solution file with the file ending .sln.

    This is because Ranorex Studio normally only requires the solution file ending in .rxsln for the build. Therefore, the .sln file isn’t checked for commit by default. Azure DevOps, however, uses Visual Studio for the build, which requires the .sln file.

    To manually include the .sln file in the inital commit:

    In the Git commit dialog, select the solution file with the ending .sln.

    Click Commit.

    View the solution in Azure DevOps

    Once the Ranorex Studio solution is stored in the repository folder and versioned with Git, you can see it in your project in Azure DevOps.

    Ranorex Studio solution files in the Azure DevOps project.

    Ranorex Studio solution files in the projects view in Ranorex Studio.

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    In the image, the projects view shows all solution files, including temporary ones and report files. The Azure DevOps project, however, only shows the files required to build the solution. Everything else, like the subfolders bin, References, or Reports, was filtered by our >.gitignore list, which ensures that these are not included in the Git version control, and therefore not in the Azure DevOps project.