Run tests

In this chapter, you’ll learn about running Applitools Eyes tests in Ranorex Studio.

In this chapter

    Run your test

    You can run your tests with Applitools Eyes visual checks just like any other test. Simply click RUN in the test suite view. During the test run, Ranorex will upload the required image for each visual check to Applitools Eyes. Eyes then passes the results of the check back to Ranorex.

    Command line

    You can also run your test from the command line. You can pass all global parameters that you’ve defined as explained in  Create tests, e.g. ApplitoolsIntegration.exe -param:viewPortHeight=1080 -param:viewPortWidth=1920


    Running Ranorex tests from the command line is explained in Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Ranorex test suite > ⇢ Run tests without Ranorex Studio

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    The Ranorex option Use UiaLauncher to elevate privileges for processes started by tools needs to be disabled for tests with visual checks to run. To do so, first close your solution, go to Settings > Advanced, uncheck the option, and click OK.

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    Tests with visual checks may take longer to run depending on the number of visual checks. This is because for each visual check, image data must be passed to Applitools Eyes.