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Ranorex Automation Helpers

Ranorex Automation Helpers are a NuGet package full of useful modules and user code methods that make your test automation life easier. For a list of all Automation Helpers offered by Ranorex and how to use them, ⇢ visit this page.

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    Mastering Ranorex Automation Helpers: Learn how to easily extend the functionality of your Ranorex Studio automated tests.

    Adding Automation Helpers

    With your solution opened, click the Add Ranorex Automation Helpers button or right-click the solution and select Ranorex Automation Helpers > Add Automation Helpers.

    Add Ranorex Automation Helpers button

    In the dialog window that appears, click Add Automation Helpers and then Close.

    This is the easiest way to add the Automation Helpers. However, you can also add them as a new project through the File menu or to an existing project by using the NuGet package manager.

    After adding the Automation Helpers, you can access their contents in the module browser and the user code library.

    Updating Automation Helpers

    We’re always adding new content to the Automation Helpers, so we’ve made it easy to keep them up-to-date:

    Right-click the solution and select Ranorex Automation Helpers > Update Automation Helpers. The package manager will open displaying the Updates tab. Select the Automation Helpers from the list. If your solution only contains one project, simply click Add to update. If there are more projects, click Manage and select the projects to update.